Types of Transactions

Majority Sales

When an equity sponsor, corporate parent or private owner seeks to sell a majority ownership interest, Nicolet Capital is a preferred buyer.  We appreciate the significance of this event both financially and, often, personally for the seller.  Our industry experience allows us to provide the timely and clear feedback that sellers deserve when making a major financial decision.  We spend considerable time understanding the goals and objectives of the sellers and management. This allows us to develop effective management incentive plans and address a variety of tax and other considerations that can create unnecessary anxiety or delay in closing.  Lastly, Nicolet Capital’s ability to provide junior debt financing in addition to its equity investment offers several benefits both during the transaction process and post-closing.

Minority Recapitalizations

Nicolet Capital has a history of making successful non-control investments.  We can tailor capital solutions to address a number of scenarios including:

Reduce debt from prior acquisitions or growth incurred when the capital markets or the business cycle was more robust.  Nicolet Capital’s investment can provide liquidity and balance sheet flexibility to ensure continued investment in the business and focus on customer satisfaction and other business fundamentals that create long-term value.
The investment in a business often represents the owners’ largest asset.  Nicolet Capital’s investment can fund a dividend that allows the current owners to diversify their personal wealth while maintaining control of the business.  The owners continue to benefit from future appreciation in the business and an experienced partner that can assist in value creation.
Sometimes owners of private or closely held public companies have different objectives or views on the direction of a business.  Differences may arise from generational changes, family considerations or the particular liquidity needs of individual or financial investors in the company.  Nicolet Capital’s investment can allow the continuing owners to consolidate ownership in the company through a private repurchase or tender offer.

Minority Growth Capital

Nicolet Capital considers non-control investments to fund a variety of acquisition and internal growth opportunities.  We often assist in acquisition due diligence, financing and integration support. Because of our industry experience, we can help develop strategic plans that identify acquisitions, markets and investments in people and capabilities that will drive growth.  Nicolet Capital can provide follow-on capital quickly and efficiently to support future growth activities.   Our flexibility to provide subordinated debt and equity on a control and non-control basis allows us to tailor our investment as the needs of the business change.

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